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Holistic Herbal Blending by Dave Olupot is a comprehensive guide to creating personalized herbal formulas. With a strong emphasis on the foundations of herbal formulation, plant chemistry, and practical applications, this book provides readers with the knowledge and tools needed to blend effective and personalized herbal remedies.


In Unit 1, readers will learn the foundations of herbal formulation, including the different forms of herbs, methods of preparation, and dosages. In Unit 2, readers will dive into plant chemistry and learn how to identify and utilize the active constituents in herbs.


Finally, in Unit 3, readers will learn how to create personalized herbal formulas and explore case studies to see how these formulas can be tailored to specific conditions.


Throughout the book, Dave Olupot shares his extensive knowledge of herbal medicine, drawing on his experiences as a practicing herbalist and teacher. With a clear and accessible writing style, and a wealth of practical advice and tips, Holistic Herbal Blending is the perfect guide for anyone looking to harness the power of herbs to improve their health and wellbeing.

Holistic Herbal Blending

€280.00 Regular Price
€250.00Sale Price
  • Format: Online e-book in PDF 

    Language: English

    File Size: Approximately 80 MB

    Approximately 320 pages

    Publisher: (Dave Olupot)

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