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Supporting People to Reconnect


Private Psilocybin Ceremony

Forest Trees

At Achula, we provide a comprehensive psycho-spiritual approach to human well-being, seamlessly blending the safe and legal use of psilocybin with a range of transformational practices.



Find your purpose.


Deeper emotional and cognitive awareness.


Improve your relationships with others and with self.

Natural World

A stronger connection to the natural world.


Increase self-care & creativity


Emotional release & healthier behaviors.

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Book a free discovery call with Dave to familiarize yourself with Achula, grasp our distinctive approach, and have all your queries about the ceremony  addressed. I am dedicated to provide personalized assistance throughout your journey.


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The name "Achula" originates from the Native American lineage, embodying the depth and aliveness that emerges when we open ourselves to the present moment. It recognizes the grand Mystery, the vastness, and the simplicity inherent in existence.

Achula is a commitment to nurturing this all-encompassing mindset as a way of life, a continuous dance of unmasking and deepening. While peak states induced by psychedelics, can unveil life's significance and guide our path, they alone cannot instigate enduring transformation. Our ingrained conditioning swiftly pulls us back into familiar patterns.


To transform insights gained during peak experiences into a sustained lifestyle shift, we must confront the barriers hindering our complete freedom, wholeness, and potential.

This involves tending to various dimensions of our human experience—our relationship with ourselves, with others and with the natural world. These three pillars form the foundation for each ceremony.

Tea Cup and Saucer

Unmasking &

The Three Pillars


Relationship with Self

During our childhood, the experience of unconditional acceptance and validation for our authentic emotions and expressions was likely rare. Over time, we may have internalized the idea that certain feelings are unwelcome, leading us to suppress them.

To reconnect with our true selves, it is imperative to rediscover the ability to feel. Our emotions carry essential insights that can navigate us toward a life that is more genuine, aligned, and fulfilling. 


Relationship with Others

The majority of our wounding and challenges in life stem from our issues in relating with others; whether it is our parents, siblings, children, partners, colleagues or friends.

We often fear that we will be rejected if we show the parts of ourselves that like to remain hidden, parts we deem unacceptable or shameful. But ironically, when we muster up the courage to do so, it generally creates more connection, not less.True intimacy, which we all crave, can only be created by being honest.


Relationship with Nature

In our digital-oriented lifestyles, experiencing our interconnectedness with the vast web of life proves challenging. While we may grasp this concept intellectually, truly feeling and living it necessitates a reconnection with the natural world.

Through the observation of nature, we glean insights into life's rhythms, gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves. Immersing ourselves in the natural world allows us to rediscover our life force.

The Journey

Ringing Phone

Book a Call

Are there do's and don'ts? Communicate it with your guide. Are you coming alone or want to invite a friend or family member?

Notebook and pen

Pick the Date

Private ceremonies are possible at any available date in our cozy temple in The Hague.



Upon registration, you'll gain access to preparatory materials and suggested exercises tailored to enhance your readiness for the ceremony.

What's Included?

Set & Setting

Preparation, Navigation, and Integration

Backed by Scientific Research

Our ceremonies prioritize optimizing the crucial elements of a psychedelic journey—set and setting—by preparing participants for a receptive, trusting mindset and providing a safe and supportive environment in our temple in The Hague.

Proper preparation before a psychedelic journey not only minimizes the risk of anxiety hindering the experience but also maximizes the potential for a profound and enriched outcome. Integration is vital for translating psychedelic insights into tangible, lasting changes in one's life.

The benefits of psilocybin have been studied at universities like Johns Hopkins, NYU, and Imperial College London.

Your Facilitator

My name is Dave Achula and...

My love for the natural world started back in my teenage years. I was that kid making herbal concoctions at home and wandering into the woods whenever I could.

I've been navigating the world of mushrooms since 2016. Through my own personal journey, I uncovered the profound depths and therapeutic potential these fungi hold, especially in the realm of trauma work and healing.


Currently training under Atira Tan as a Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Facilitator, i am committed to creating a safe and trauma-sensitive ceremonial space.

As a music geek, i incorporate intuitively selected tunes to guide participants through their journeys. Beyond the titles and notes, it's about curating an experience that resonates on a soulful level.

I firmly believe that transformative experiences with mushrooms shouldn't cost a fortune and should be accessible to individuals from all cultural backgrounds. Whether you're in a paradise retreat or our temple in The Hague, the potential for profound healing and growth remains within reach.

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