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Achula - Dave


Herbal Educator

Dave Achula 

Trained in Eastern and Western Herbal Medicine my life long mission is to support human vitality.

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I value science as much as i respect indigenous tradition. Bridging the gap between the gifts of western medicine and the wisdom of traditional herbalism.


Achula it is Natures' Inspired Healing

Achula it's Natures' way of hundreds of thousands of years. 

 Achula draws inspiration from the ancient wisdom of different cultures.

By capturing the nourishing power of the sun and vitalizing essence of the earth, plants  support you to achieve a natural balance. 

Meeting Achula

It was a sound of a thousand drums beating inside each of my body cells.

Resonating into the rhythm of my heart.

I felt the earth tremble.

I felt light going through my head entering the area of my heart beating in resonance with this rhythm.

I felt my soul. And my soul was like a bird flying out of the cage that i used to call my body.

That was the moment when i first heard the voice of Achula.

It was like i was talking to someone i've been waiting for and i have been searching for from the day i can remember myself.

The voice was so deep, so powerful and healing and it felt like i finally was talking to my real self.

This way i understood that this was not a dream, not an illusion, not an hallucination, it was real. I was talking to my real self.

It was me. The one i was looking for to meet my entire life.

Me, so desired, so long awaited, so unknown, so mysterious, so real.

And i ask; what is your name?

And her answer was ''Achula''.

And at this same moment i find peace within myself.

Our Story

Our journey began with a vision deeply rooted in empowerment, spiritual connection, and the wisdom of ancestral medicines. Founded in 2022 by Dave Achula in the heart of The Hague, Netherlands, our mission has remained steadfast: to empower individuals on their path towards holistic well-being.

Dave Achula, a visionary with roots tracing back to Africa, understood the profound significance of reconnecting with ancestral wisdom, nature, and self. It was this understanding that ignited the spark for Achula. Having experienced the disconnection firsthand, Dave was determined to create Herbal educated walks that bridge the gap between individuals and the spiritual essence of life.

Our approach to herbal medicine is deeply rooted in the belief that spiritual transformation precedes physical healing. 

Over the past two years, we have had the privilege of empowering over 300 apprentices, guiding them on their journey of self-discovery and deepening connection with nature. Each apprentice becomes a part of the Achula family, contributing to the collective vision of spreading light and wisdom.

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As a passionate teenager, I delved into the world of wild herbs and crafted natural products, igniting a lifelong curiosity. What began 10 years ago as self experimentation and gaining knowledge of herbs made me decide to enroll in the renowned Herbal Academy, a global institution dedicated to teaching the art and science of herbalism.

In 2021, I triumphantly completed the intermediate herbal course, immersing myself in the intricate study of anatomy, physiology, herbal therapeutics, plant identification, taxonomy, and wild-crafting. Blending Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese, and Western approaches, I acquired a holistic understanding of herbal medicine's power.

The transformative encounter with the indigenous Khoisan community in South Africa forever changed my perspective. From them, I learned the profound significance of plant spirits and the sacred bond between humans and the land. It was here that the extraordinary synergy between modern science and indigenous wisdom revealed itself to me, igniting a passion that drives me today.

In the summer of 2022, I embarked on a new venture, hosting enchanting herbal hikes in the picturesque Westduinpark, The Hague. A mesmerizing tapestry of nature's abundance unfolds as I guide enthusiasts from around the globe through the art of wild-crafting and the essence of herbal therapeutics. Together, we dive deep into the healing power of plants, forging an unbreakable connection with the Earth.

Join me on this extraordinary path where nature becomes our teacher, rejuvenating our spirits, and revealing the profound wisdom held within her embrace. Let's embark on a transformative adventure of healing, discovery, and connection - where the beauty of nature intertwines with the power of human spirit. 

My Story

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