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Discover Natures' Healing Power

Take a walk through the wild Nature of The Hague and discover the healing herbs to nourish your body, mind and soul. Drawing inspiration from Indigenous wisdom and Science, Achula teaches you everything you need to know. 

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Agenda 2024

Medicine Walk - Herbal Medicine Workshop

 (Only 10 spots available each session)

May:   31st

June: 1st & 2nd, 8th & 9th, 15th, 22nd & 23rd

There is medicine growing all around us

 We just have to open up our senses and reconnect.


Reconnect with the land. 
  Reconnect wi
th the forests.
  Reconnect with the dunes. 

To differ remedy from poison. To understand what to harvest.

To learn how to take it.

And get the skills to make it
serving your essential needs.

This is very valuable knowledge.


In every walk with nature you receive far more than you seek

Follow worldwide renowned Herbalist Dave Achula as you search for the healing ingredients within The Hague's most diverse natural environment. Explore and hike as we go into the depths of the land to discover only the most powerful herbs and, along the way, unearth the traditions and heart behind the medicinal plant and learn how to make herbal medicine. Learn through Science, indigenous wisdom and traditional healing methods like Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine.

herbal course

Dive Deeper

A personalized journey where you can connect with nature and explore herbalism in a way that suits you.

harvesting comfrey

Foster Connection

Engage in co-creation within the embrace of nature, together with the group of the day. You will deepen your connection with yourself and others. Each journey holds its unique spirit and stories.

team building

Grow closer

Ideal for company Team Building, commemorating special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. Step into the embrace of nature, where collaborative energies intertwine, fostering unity, creativity, and shared experiences.

Building a courageous
Being Present to Grief
Standing in Your Power





In indigenous healing cultures, heart problems signal discontent and unhappiness. Discontent emerges when we make all of our decisions from a rational or logical place. Making decisions from our heads and not our hearts leads to disconnection. Each time we override what we feel in our hearts with logic and reason, our hearts shrink more.

Our bodies store away unexpressed grief and sadness in our lungs. Grief is persistent: Though we may not communicate it, it continues to exist, held in our bodies. Unprocessed familial grief does not disappear; it travels through the generations.

Having a general understanding of fundamental health concerns and knowing how to treat them is empowering. An impetus for my healing journey was understanding my body and knowing that I could heal myself, not turn my power over to a doctor to tell me what was happening in my body. It’s essential to know our own anatomy.

In Chinese medicine a large part of the immune system is our wei chi, the protective layer and energy force that guards our bodies. When your wei chi is healthy and nourished, you are impenetrable to viruses, pathogens, and other outside invaders, whether physical or spiritual.

Healing Our Relations
Nourishing Anger
Listening to Spirits
Following Your Gut

Our skin, the body’s largest organ, reflects our inner being. It is a revelation of the entire body’s health and our relationship to the world, our families, our communities, and ourselves. On our skin, the truth does not get hidden. Our vulnerability, rage, exhaustion, and emotional capacity to deal with issues all show up on our skin.

Anger is a catalyst to change. When nourished and directed, it motivates us to grow and create change for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

If our nervous system is not cared for and functioning correctly, we are not getting our messages from Spirit. We can receive messages in many forms, including through hearing, vision, colors, images, intuition, wind, physical changes in the body, symbology in the environment, synchronicities, dreams, and movement in the room. I have also heard that individuals feel Spirit when they are relaxed, have a clear mind, and feel connected and embodied, heightening their senses.

Our instinct, awareness, and innate intelligence lie in our gut. I have heard many say, “I knew it! My gut told me!” The question then is, why didn’t you listen? We are conditioned to listen to when our mind speaks, but what we feel is often considered secondary or ignored.


Are you ready to become a Plant Apprentice?

Explore the fascinating world of herbal healing with Dave Achula! The Achula Medicine Walk lays the strongest foundation for someone new to medicinal plants and gently guides you deeper and deeper into the fine details.

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