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  • What is a Medicine Walk?
    A walk in Nature, where we as a group connect with our surroundings and discover the wild medicine that Nature has to offer. Led by renowned Herbalist Dave Achula, this experience is more than a walk – it's a foundation in Herbalism. Learn to identify, harvest, and use medicinal plants, immersing yourself in the art and science of herbal practices.
  • Does Achula organise private walks?
    Most Definitely. I do 1:1 sessions and groups ranging from 3-25 people. You can use the contact form for more information or visit the page ''teambuilding''.
  • Do i need to have any Experience to join the walk?
    No. I will always remember how new the world of herbs was to me and with this in mind i will always adjust myself to the group and individual needs. For some i will lay the foundation perfect for beginners and for some i will go more in depth to have a deeper understanding from different practices as Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.
  • Can i book Achula for an event?
    Absolutely! Achula is available for a variety of events, including team-building workshops, work events, festivals, anniversaries, birthdays, and all kinds of gatherings. If you're interested in hosting a memorable event in this enchanting location, feel free to use our contact form for more information. For specific details on team-building opportunities, head over to our dedicated Team Building page. We look forward to helping you create an unforgettable experience in Achula!
  • I am already experienced with herbs, will the hike have any value for me?
    Definitely. There is always new plants to discover and new stories to hear and learn from. Our groups attract new people to this craft but also experienced well-informed people, where we can learn from each other. You can also opt in to join an individual walk to go more in depth.
  • Will it be in English or Dutch?
    It will be in English. Why? Because it is most inclusive. If asked for, the plant names will be named in Dutch as well.
  • How do i remember the Plants we covered in the Hike?
    The Herbal-Library on our website contains over 60+ plant monographs including all the plants we find during our hike. Here you can continue your studies on the powers of your Herbal allies. You will receive access to the Library after the walk.
  • What if it's raining?
    Bring your rain coat, umbrella & warm clothes. The rain is an experience on it's own and from experience the Natural environment will be in silence free from other people.
  • How big will the group be?
    That depends. But there is a maximum capacity for 10 people. For the best experience we prefer to keep the groups small.
  • Can i get a refund?
    I will refund you 100% if you show up and are not satisfied with the experience. The terms for getting a refund is for you to show up. If you can't make it you can use your ticket to join another time.
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