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Herbal Medicine Walk


In Den Haag, the Netherlands

Achula's Medicine walks provide a unique opportunity to learn about natural plant remedies directly from nature. By learning about the plants and herbs in our environment, we can achieve self-sufficiency in medical care, using the time-tested methods of our ancestors. This approach can save us money and help us avoid the toxic side effects of modern drugs.

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And here's just a glimpse of what you'll Discover

Did you know that Native Americans used this plant for a variety of medicinal purposes? It was considered a valuable plant for healing and was commonly used to treat respiratory issues such as asthma, bronchitis, and coughs. The leaves were also steeped in hot water to make a tea that was used to relieve pain and inflammation in the body. And this powerful plant grows in your neighborhood!

Introducing Herbalist Dave Achula, an expert in medicinal plants and their healing properties.

Dave understands the value of ancient knowledge passed down through generations. At a young age, he was making his own herbal concoctions and experimenting with different plants to find effective solutions for common ailments.


His curiosity and passion led him to pursue formal education in herbalism, becoming a certified herbalist after completing rigorous studies in the field. The Native Americans and his own grandfather were well aware of the power of healing plants, but unfortunately, this knowledge has been lost to many in modern times. However, by acquiring these skills, you can set yourself apart from the rest and become a guide or even a savior for those around you in need of natural healing remedies.

cape town herbal medicine

His career started when he spent time with the indigenous Khoisan tribe in South Africa, where he continued to learn about the incredible healing properties of local plants.


And here's a peek of what you'll Discover


You may be surprised to learn that you have a homegrown pharmacy right under your nose. Most of these plants are edible and can provide you with precious nutrients while supporting the bodies natural healing process. Dave will guide you in identifying the wild edibles and remedies that grow in forests and dunes. 

I'm sure you recognize this common weed:


It's name is comfrey and it heals bones and tissues like magic. It's been called "knitbone" for centuries due to its ability to speed up bone and tissue repair. You can make a poultice with comfrey leaves and apply it to a broken bone or sprain to reduce pain and inflammation and accelerate the healing process.


By joining Dave on his Medicine Walk, you will gain the skills to identify which plants are edible, which ones are remedies for hypertension, and which ones are poisonous. You will discover how to use these plants effectively to treat a variety of ailments, from the common cold to anxiety. Dave will even show you how to prepare a poultice that heals wounds faster and better than modern bandages.

You'll also receive free acces to the online Herbal Library with over 60 other powerful herbal medicines for you to study. So whether you're a seasoned herbalist or just starting out, the Herbal Medicine Walk has something to offer for everyone.

At the end of the Medicine Walk, you'll discover the traditional treatments that our ancestors used to heal themselves when they were sick. These are the remedies that have been passed down through generations and have stood the test of time. I'm talking about the natural treatments that can soothe a cough, ease a headache, and alleviate stomach problems. These simple yet effective remedies use ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen or garden.

mugwort smudge

For instance, did you know that this plant has been used for centuries by women to ease menstrual cramps and regulate periods? This herb is also known for its ability to enhance lucid dreaming, making it a popular choice for those who want to explore the world of dreams. This herb is often consumed as a tea or used as a smudge during meditation and dream work to enhance psychic awareness and promote deep relaxation. Everything you need is right here in nature.

In Ayurveda, the root of this plant is considered a cooling herb that helps to balance Pitta dosha, the Ayurvedic principle of fire and heat. Pitta imbalance is associated with anger, irritability, and inflammation, and this root's cooling properties are thought to help soothe these symptoms. One clinical study conducted in 2011 found that an extract of this root inhibited the growth of colon cancer cells in vitro.





If you ever walk through the edges of woodland, and get some sticky burrs attached to your clothing...

You can bet you just walked past this plant

arctium lappa

The best way to deal with this annoying weed?

Eat it!


This plant, which Native Americans used as a sweetener two centuries ago, has a taste that surpasses all the greens I've ever tried. What people don't know is that this plant is a...powerful medicinal herb that has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to treat various ailments.


The root is known to purify the blood, aid in digestion, and promote healthy skin. It is also rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. So, the next time you see this plant growing in your garden or in the wild, don't just think of it as a pesky weed - think of it as a valuable addition to your herbal medicine cabinet.

              If you rub this plant hard enough you will have Natural Soap.


For centuries, people have been using this plant to make natural cleansers for the body and clothes. It is also commonly used in herbal medicine to treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis due to its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Soapwort is a great example of how nature provides us with everything we need, and how we can use plants in ways we never thought possible.

pine resin

This tree produces a resin that is commonly used in salves and ointments to treat wounds and skin infections. The resin is also used in aromatherapy for its calming and soothing effects. 


During the 17th century, the Europeans who were exploring North America were saved by the native peoples who gave the leafs of this tree as a tea to treat scurvy, a disease caused by a lack of vitamin C. The tea was found to be rich in vitamin C, which helped cure the disease.

One study conducted in 2013 investigated the potential anti-inflammatory effects of this trees bark extract on patients with osteoarthritis. The study involved a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial with 100 participants. The results showed that the bark extract significantly reduced inflammation and improved physical function compared to the placebo group.

And this is just a glimpse of what you will discover... The Medicine Walks are very limited and hold only capacity for 10 people per session to keep it initmate. Make sure to book ahead!

So, why spend lots of money on toxic drugs with side effects when you can walk with Herbalist Dave Achula and learn the healing power of plants? ​

And on top of that if you book today you will receive my free e-book ''Spring Support'' in your mailbox. Teaching you all about detoxification from an Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medicine perspective.


Wouldn't it be nice to go outside and pick your plants and turn them into medicine? I'll show you how to effectively combine herbs together to prevent and serve common ailments.


If at any time you are not COMPLETELY satisfied with the  Medicine Walk, send me an e-mail, and I'll give you back every cent. It's as simple as that!

What You Will Learn

Foundations of Plant Medicine

  • Plant Actions

  • Herbal Terminology

  • Beginner Medicine Making

  • 15 Individual Plants through an in-depth study of Materia Medica

  • Energetics and Spiritual Correspondences and Uses

  • Contraindications and Safety

  • Indigenous and Historical Uses


By delving into materia medica, you'll uncover fundamental insights about various plants, including botany, identification, energetics, historical and contemporary uses, contraindications, preparation methods, dosages, wildcrafting, and cultivation. This exploration provides a comprehensive understanding of herbal actions and plant chemistry, illuminating how plants interact with the human body. Furthermore, you'll explore diverse indigenous and traditional healing traditions worldwide, enriching your herbal practice. Topics covered include the healing and spiritual modalities of Curanderismo, Native American Herbalism, as well as introductions to Chinese Principles and Ayurveda.

For who is this workshop? 

Beginner Herbalists

Step into the world of herbal medicine with tailored guidance for those new to the practice. Learn the basics of herbalism, including plant identification, remedy creation, and holistic integration into daily life. Connect with a supportive community of fellow beginners to share experiences and foster growth in your herbal journey.

Connection Seekers

Immerse yourself in conversations and shared experiences with like-minded individuals, fostering bonds and creating lasting memories in a serene environment. Elevate your well-being through the power of community and collective exploration.

Nature Enthusiasts

Deepen your connection with the Earth. Engage in sensory experiences and gentle practices that invite you to connect with nature on a profound level. Discover the therapeutic benefits of wild herbs while basking in the beauty and tranquility of natural landscapes.

Beginner Foragers

Explore the art of wild plant identification and ethical harvesting practices while immersing yourself in nature's abundance. Engage with fellow beginners, exchanging insights and tips to enhance your foraging skills and deepen your connection to the land.


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I had an incredible experience with Dave, who led the 4.5-hour medicinal walk. It truly exceeded all of my expectations and left me feeling invigorated and inspired. I particularly enjoyed the diverse group of people, and Achula's wealth of knowledge allowed us all to learn something new and exciting.

His passion for sharing his love of herbs/plants/nature was contagious and made the experience all the more special. I highly recommend Achula's hikes to anyone interested in nature, plants, herbs, or simply looking to connect with others on a special hike.

I'm looking forward to joining another hike during the summer, and I can't thank Achula enough for such an unforgettable experience.


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  • What is a Medicine Walk?
    A walk in Nature, where we as a group connect with our surroundings and discover the wild medicine that Nature has to offer. Led by renowned Herbalist Dave Achula, this experience is more than a walk – it's a foundation in Herbalism. Learn to identify, harvest, and use medicinal plants, immersing yourself in the art and science of herbal practices.
  • Does Achula organise private walks?
    Most Definitely. I do 1:1 sessions and groups ranging from 3-25 people. You can use the contact form for more information or visit the page ''teambuilding''.
  • Do i need to have any Experience to join the walk?
    No. I will always remember how new the world of herbs was to me and with this in mind i will always adjust myself to the group and individual needs. For some i will lay the foundation perfect for beginners and for some i will go more in depth to have a deeper understanding from different practices as Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.
  • Can i book Achula for an event?
    Absolutely! Achula is available for a variety of events, including team-building workshops, work events, festivals, anniversaries, birthdays, and all kinds of gatherings. If you're interested in hosting a memorable event in this enchanting location, feel free to use our contact form for more information. For specific details on team-building opportunities, head over to our dedicated Team Building page. We look forward to helping you create an unforgettable experience in Achula!
  • I am already experienced with herbs, will the hike have any value for me?
    Definitely. There is always new plants to discover and new stories to hear and learn from. Our groups attract new people to this craft but also experienced well-informed people, where we can learn from each other. You can also opt in to join an individual walk to go more in depth.
  • Will it be in English or Dutch?
    It will be in English. Why? Because it is most inclusive. If asked for, the plant names will be named in Dutch as well.
  • How do i remember the Plants we covered in the Hike?
    The Herbal-Library on our website contains over 60+ plant monographs including all the plants we find during our hike. Here you can continue your studies on the powers of your Herbal allies. You will receive access to the Library after the walk.
  • What if it's raining?
    Bring your rain coat, umbrella & warm clothes. The rain is an experience on it's own and from experience the Natural environment will be in silence free from other people.
  • How big will the group be?
    That depends. But there is a maximum capacity for 10 people. For the best experience we prefer to keep the groups small.
  • Can i get a refund?
    I will refund you 100% if you show up and are not satisfied with the experience. The terms for getting a refund is for you to show up. If you can't make it you can use your ticket to join another time.
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